October 31, 20195 min read

Stacked PRs

Effective code review on merging large changes with stacked pull requests

October 11, 20195 min read

Functional programming constructs

Functional programming is a declarative programming paradigm that focuses on composition using pure functions. It avoids mutation of state…

September 01, 20195 min read

Micro and macro task queue

Micro and macro task queues within JavaScript’s event loop context

August 15, 20192 min read

Temporal Dead Zone

Temporal Dead Zone (TDZ) for block scoped variables in JavaScript

August 11, 20192 min read

Negative Zero in JavaScript

Classical mathematics has no notion of a negative zero. Zero is often termed neither positive nor negative. In computing, however, there is…

August 09, 20194 min read

OG tags in Gatsby

A comprehensive guide on implementing open graph tags in GatsbyJS.

July 28, 201910 min read

Dark mode in Gatsby

A comprehensive guide on implementing dark mode in GatsbyJS.